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Slitting Line

PLC control with operator friendly graphic interface and detailed diagnostic system. One operator to run the complete line. Possibility to load new coil while unloading slitted coils to reduce the coil change time and increase productivity. Number of cut on the maximum thickness determines the line size.

  • LS502

    Copper Slitting Line

  • LS1503

    3 mm Slitting Line

  • LS1503

    Roll Tension Group for prepainted steel

  • LS1504

    4 mm Slitting Line

  • LLS1504

    4 mm Slitting Line

  • LS1504S

    4 mm Stainless Steel Slitting Line

  • LS1506

    6 mm Slitting Line.

  • LS1506

    6 mm Slitting Line.

  • 6mm Slitting Head

    Heavy slitting head, 10 cut on 6 mm thickness

  • Scrap Device

    Scrap recoiling & pressing unit.

  • Decoiler CRM

    Heavy decoiler, up 800 m/min speed

  • Slitting Screen

    Slitting Line Monitor